Dnipro Hall

Located at Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center, 562 Genesee Street Buffalo, NY


Great Hall


Outdoor Space

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Cater your own event or choose from our Ukrainian menu!

We can provide Ukrainian and American options!


Decorate your own event or contact Alexandra for all your decorating needs! Starting at $500, Alexandra will provide:


Dnipro Hall is able to provide prepaid alcohol or cash bar at no additional cost to you.

We carry popular American and European beers, wines and liquors, and might be able to source select alcohols if given ample notice.

Water and juice or soda of your choice is included and will be available beside your event.

Dnipro Hall has a liquor license and may not allow outside alcohol according to NYS law.

DJ, Video and Music

DJ your own event or contact Konrad! Starting at $300, Konrad will provide you with high quality audio with microphones, a projector with screen, and lights.

Dnipro Hall will provide you with a large Bluetooth speaker and microphone if you need.


The beautiful Dnipro Hall was originally painted by volunteers M. Borachok and P. Antonyshyn in 1955, and restored by local artists B. Kovalchuk and D. Derhak in 2022. The legend is that the original artists spent 2 years volunteering on weekends to paint the hall, and they free handed the artwork because they believed that using a stencil would be like cheating.

Now, Dnipro Hall is both the location of Ukrainian community events and private events like weddings, concerts, birthdays and showers!


Main hall & Lounge

Total capacity 500 - Starting at $2500

Main hall only

Total capacity 350 - Starting at $2000

Lounge only 

Total capacity 150 - Starting at $1000

Outdoor event space

Total capacity 500 - Starting at $1000

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